the last discosuperstars


A1 the last discosuperstars Theme Of The Last Discosuperstars
A2 the last discosuperstars Mystic Rollerskater
B1 the last discosuperstars Lick-Stick
B2 the last discosuperstars Euro-Phoria
C1 the last discosuperstars Theme.... Satanic Soul Remix play
D1 the last discosuperstars Hysteria At Odyssey
D2 the last discosuperstars Feels Like Being There


Catalog number:
Release date:
grow!CD02 the last discosuperstars Starboogie 01/99
mfr 028/99 glory b. Sunday Island 1 03/99
cent08 die rhythmiker 1999 04/99
cent09 die rhythmiker Distorted Discernment 04/99
3B 02 The Memory Foundation Breakpoint 2 04/99
cent10 the skinless brothers Zeitstation 06/99
OTL CD 003 The Memory Foundation The Airbag Craftworks Compilation 08/99
cent11 The Memory Foundation Puppetmaster 09/99
grow!CD03 various Grow! For It Vol.2 10/99
grow!18 dj cartman Disco Pulpo 11/99
grow!21 hi-lo feverish e.p. 11/99
cent12 ratio Black Trail 04/00
pom11 hi-lo Dirty Towel EP 04/00
mfr 036/99 glory b. Sunday Island 2 04/00
cent13 The Memory Foundation Paydirt 09/00
grow!24 hi-lo Five 09/00
grow!27 hi-lo War Against Silence EP 11/00
grow!28 hi-lo Six 02/01
cent14 ratio Black Valve 04/01
mfr 038/00 CD glory b. Sunday Island 04/01
grow!29 hi-lo Feverish 2 05/01
send008 ratio sender loops 1 05/01
cent15 ratio Backseat Driver 06/01
csp01 ratio Ratio Remixed Part 1 06/01
csp02 ratio Ratio Remixed Part 2 07/01